Greenfish Downloads page
You can find and download the following Greenfish products here (all of them are freeware):

>> Greenfish Icon Editor Pro (version: 1.5)

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro – This program is a professional, yet easy to use tool for creating icons, cursors, and other small pixelgraphic images.

Why is it recommended for everyone?

Easy to use, lightweight, requires no installation (portable)
Supports file drag and drop
Has multilanguage support (included: English, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish)
Help also available in French, separate download
Click here to help us by translating the program
Sample documents are included
Uses dynamic color depth: you do not have to specify it explicitly, Greenfish Icon Editor will determine it for you.

Why is it useful and ‘pro’ as an icon editing tool?

Opens and saves in ICO, CUR, ANI, PNG, XPM, BMP and JPEG formats
Can create icons and cursors up to 256×256 @ 32-bit, which can also be PNG-compressed for use in Windows Vista(tm)
Can create animated cursors
Can handle images up to 1024×1024 (the limit can be increased at your own risk)
Can extract icons and cursors from executable files and icon libraries
Can batch convert image files to icons, or to another image format
Has advanced selection handling (marquee, lasso and wand tools, saving/loading selections from files)
Offers various gradient styles for filling shapes
Lots of filters including Remove matte, Drop shadow, Inner/Outer glow and Bevel

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Info on albums, performers and song writers in French:
Variable bit rate versions for listening in on

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And, it’s FREE!

Note that virus scanners can report that ANI files created by GFIE Pro are suspicious. This is due to a bug in GFIE and a Windows bug (read more here). The potential danger of attacking your PC via ANI files is not present if your Windows is frequently updated with security packs. If you are really afraid of these files, do not create ANI files with GFIE, or wait until we fix this bug.