Medical tourism – Treatments abroad

There are a number of industries where the internet plays an important role as an intermediary. Medical tourism is one such area where service providers try to reach as many leads as possible by offering knowledge-based information, reviews, new technology as well as celeb cases as an endorsement. Hungary is an important market player and as such it has lots of clinics, websites and customers alike that are interested in various types of services.

Below is a list of such providers, some of them are outside Hungary but provide good quality service inEurope or worldwide.

smilexpert Budapest – is a UK facing dental clinic offering full mouth dental reconstruction – is a resource that offers procedures and costs in details.
hair transplants london – hair restoration in two locations is dedicated to UK hair transplants and FUE procedure
hair choice – hair transplant info for UK and Ireland – A french site on hair transplants and dental tourism – A German site looking after Austrian hair needs

If you like our link assortment or you feel there are some others you would like to suggest, please let us know.