Online casinos

Let us give you some hints on secure download and play at online casino portals.

First of all, use a virus checker software when downloading the application. Pop ups should be allowed or at least you should look for the download arrow to see the platform has downloaded itself.

When installing the software, be careful to read all the information they provide in the process. Some clicks away from the completition you still may face issues if your hardware, or software lacks some settings that support running the casino software properly.

Be sure to choose a secure name and password to register at the igaming portal. The demo version will run on your computer but in oreder to be able to make use of the special bonus offers they require registration.

Another issue you face is secure payment – be carful with paying by credit card or paypal – there are lots of abuse cases which take your time and put you at risk.

Some recommendations to guides:

For Norway:
For Canada:
For Finland:
For USA:
For Germany:
For New Zealand: and kahuna pokies
For Australia: or 911 casinos and

Do not download software or register at an online casino if they do not have a support team, if they do not have support in your language – otherwise you will run into trouble.